Beginners Cake Baking and Decoration

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Course Content:
*1. Basic white sponge cake*
*2. Basic chocolate sponge Cake*
*3. Fruit crush cake with cream icing*
*4. Black forest Cake*
*5. Dark Chocolate Truffle Cake*
*6. Marzipan Decorations*
*7. Coloured Cake-balls*
*8. Mousse cups*
*9. Whipped cream icing – making leaves, rosettes, shell borders etc.

Pre-recorded Online Class videos are also available. Fee: Rs 2000/-.

Course Fee: Rs 2500/-
Course Duration: 3 days- 3 hrs/day

👉You will take home printed recipes, *CERTIFICATE from Leena's Khadyam Cooking Academy*, samples of dishes learnt in class and lots of Cooking tips.

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